Jukka Karvanen Named as Panasoft’s New CEO

M.Sc.Eng. Jukka Karvanen was appointed as Panasoft’s Chief Executive Officer on 1 st of March 2020. Karvanen switched over to Panasoft from Finnair. He is bringing along varied expertise from traditional software solutions to modern cloud services. He has long-standing experience from software companies that have grown in to vendors of widely distributed products. His creations are used by several telephone operators around the world. Additionally, Karvanen has extensive work experience with larger companies, which include Finnair, Ericsson, Nokia, Sonera and Valmet. With over 25 years of experience in challenging product development, Karvanen has gained substantial knowledge on the subject. At his new role Karvanen is aiming to expand Panasoft’s product development.

“Panasoft has comprehensive domain expertise and solid working culture. This is a great opportunity to jump into the leadership of a small but knowledgeable Finnish company. I look forward to the future.” Karvanen says.

Panasoft Is Expanding to Lahti And Hiring New Software Professionals

Panasoft is extending its’ product development significantly, both in terms of existing products and new domains. We are in the process of recruiting new software professionals in spring 2020. Due to this growth, we are expanding our product development in to a new office in Lahti and moving in to larger premises in Helsinki.

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