Acquisition press release

Dear customers and partners,

As a result of an acquisition, entire share capital of Panasoft is transferred to Amiko Group. Panasoft will be part of Amiko Group from 10.6.2018. The same date in 1982, Seppo Koivunen created Panasoft and started a success story of 36 years. Now we inform that Seppo Koivunen, founder and managing director of Panasoft, will retire but continue as Panasoft’s adviser. We already celebrated the amazing journey of 36 years on Seppo’s name day, 10.6., – thanks to all the participants and especially to Seppo for great work!

Amiko Group consists of nine separate companies – seven companies of human resource services, one company specialized in financial management called VerkkoTilit Oy and Panasoft. All companies of human resource services operate under Amiko. The companies will not merge, and therefore Panasoft will continue to operate as an independent company. Group CEO of Amiko Group is Jari Parkkinen and Seppo Koivunen will continue as Panasoft’s adviser. All employees of Panasoft will continue in their current positions.


Acquisition benefits customers

The goal of the acquisition is to support and develop comprehensive use of Panasoft software in various lines of business. Panasoft software has a long history and the goal is to modernize the software to meet customers’ needs even better and to ensure the business continuity and development.

Jari Parkkinen comments on the role of Amiko Group: ”The goal of Amiko Group is to ensure the growth and to develop the software to meet customers’ needs even better. Our HR company Amiko has expertise in e. g. recruitment, temporary staff, outsourcing, aptitude tests, occupational health services and employee redeployment. Together we can provide better service to our customers.”


Acquisition enables comprehensive service

As a result of the acquisition, we can provide more diverse set of customized services for our customers. New partners make it possible for us to develop rapidly and in a cost-efficient manner. Jari Parkkinen concludes: ”We are happy to answer all questions and Panasoft will contact all of our customers in the near future”.

Amiko Group has over 400 employees and offices throughout Finland, from Helsinki to Oulu. The revenue of Amiko Group was approximately 9 million euros in 2017. The estimated revenue in 2018 is over 15 million euros and the estimated profit is over one million.


For more information

Jari Parkkinen

Group CEO, Amiko Group

+358 40 715 5335


Seppo Koivunen

Founder, Panasoft

+358 40 021 0344